No Risk Service Guarantee: We provide a guarantee of every service we provide. If you are not completley satisified with every service we provide, we will refund to you 100% of the itemized fee for that service!

Price Guarantee: We guarentee that all families who call on us will be served with in their finacial means. We pride ourselves in serving all families regardless of their financial limitations. If price is an issue, we have packages available to satisfy that need.

We understand the importance of cost and promise to create services that will fit your needs. Click here to learn about our personalized services. Our standards of care may result in a fee for services greater than those charged by our colleagues. While we cannot speak to the standards and procedures of other firms, we can speak with confidence about the care, respect, and dignity provided to all families we are privileged to serve. We can also tell you that if you want ACCURATE service and pricing information, you will ONLY get that directly from us and NOT from certain religious affiliated cemetery representatives, or any other funeral provider, even if they happen to have a copy of one of our price lists.

There are many factors that influence the selection of a funeral home, such as reputation, integrity, service, price and standards of care. Whether your choice is burial or cremation make no difference. If price is your ONLY consideration, we may not be your best choice. If you take everything into consideration, you will find us to be an excellent choice providing excellent value. Our services, standards, and ceremonies are truly exceptional---we guarantee it. The value of our service will always be greater than the price.

About Our Pricing

Our philosophy is simple: We will serve all families regardless of any financial limitations.  Our packages start as low as $3,250, which includes a casket and visitation.  Please contact us for more information.

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